"Bouquets of Tenderness"
Speak to me, my love
And quiet this longing in me
For the likes of you.
Though you are far away,
In dreams I behold your sweetness.
The fortune fate gave you to me
When first we met.
It is like a lingering in my heart
Like a starry-night kiss.
Oh! Such sheer delight
You bring to me!
Such bouquets of tenderness
Fill me
With just the thought of you!
Come near me now,
And I shall inhale your presence
Into my very being
Holding it in like the breath of balmy Maui air.
I feel the freshness of your being
So close to me.
Arise, my heart, and meet me yet again
within this wonder-filled vacuum you create in me,
And, just see what joy you'll find
Just feeling what I feel,
In only thinking of you this night.
Copyright Feb 99 - Jane